The Nine Enneades


The nine Enneades are the gatekeepers and protectresses of the key holders (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Kebechet; Enneade of Purification & Water, keeper of the Patience key
Satet: Enneade of  the Nile & Fertility,  keeper of the Temperance Key
Renpet: Enneade of Youth & Springtime, keeper of the Diligence key
Kauket: Enneade of Space, keeper of the Peace key
Mafdet: Enneade of Healing, keeper of the Humility key
Meret : Enneade of Music, Rejoicing, & Parties, keeper of the Joy key
Meskhenet: Enneade of Birthing, keeper of the Charity key
Mesenet: Enneade of Fate & Childbirth, keeper of the Chastity key
Nekhbet: Enneade of Cities, Thrones, & Childbirth, keeper of the Gentleness key